Saturday, September 24, 2005

I'm an individual, just like everyone else.

Well, my wife has a BLOG, my mom has a BLOG, most everyone I knowhas gotten around to doing it but me.

Until now.

If during the courseof this post, orfutureposts forthat matter, if there arespaces missing, I'm just going to let it go. I figure itis a sign of me being a father as I hadto reattach my spacebar aftermy youngest decidedit wouldlook better elsewhere. Aah... I love this job.

Well, I figured I'd make a blog for the same thing most anyone makesa blog for... the complete wasteoftime and energy to vent/express/jokewith/simply talk to/ the vastemptyness of cyberspace. I figure this thing is kind of like writing in a diary and leavingit on the kitchen table... ofsomeoneelse's house... and expecting noone to read it... or conversely, writing in a diary,and leavingitin a stackofdiaries in grand central station, hoping someone will pick it up, see how wonderful of a writer you are, and coming back day afterday, missing train aftertrain, just to read yourwork.

Which categorydo I fall in?... probably the realistversion of the GCSwriterwho understandsthat noone will ever pickup the journal,so eventually he will stop writingalltogether.

SoI'llgivemyselfa task, I will assign myselfto writeat least onesemi-witty or semi-introspective line every other day. There... an attainable, if not realisticgoal. Of course therewill haveto beclausesforvacation, deployments,andother away-from-the-computer-ings. So if that happens,I task myselfto givea heads-up notification to the one personwho willreadthis drivel... me.

Ok... so it begins.