Thursday, October 20, 2005

$18?!?!?! Can you believe the nerve?

Ok... I did something not so smart. Like I've never done that before. I was going through the new keys I got with the Mini the other day... one for the ignition, two for the car doors (ok, I have two doors so this makes since), one for the boot, and one for the gas cap.

I go around the car (short trip, I know) and try all of the keys in their respective holes and they all work! Yay! Until a week later when I think about the need for gasoline. The key will not unlock the cap. Whoops.

Every day since (as this was a while ago) I have been sticking the key in, in hopes that I can wiggle it unlocked to no avail. Today was the breaking point (no pun intended.) I took a prybar to the cap, lifted off the "protective covering" and dremel tooled the lock down to the very last pin and opened the darn thing. Yay!

I went to CarQuest for a new gas cap and came home telling Jax, "$18, can you believe I just spent $18?"

"$18 for a gascap?"

"Well that, and a full tank of gas."

Man, I like this car!


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