Monday, September 11, 2006

My Day To Homeschool

So... It's my day to do the homeschool thing here. I mean what on EARTH can be so hard about it? They're in 1st grade curriculum for crying out loud. Really, I've gone through a LOT tougher schooling than that. Certainly I can teach it.


Um... Where are the kids?


Josee said...

That is sooooooo sad ... poor little duckies!

Jax and company said...

I think what's really sad is that some photographer, and probably other passers-by, (presumably) stood by and let the duckies fall in!

t said...

oh come on, the wittle baby duckies are clearly across the grate safely and under the daddy duckie continuing on to walk across the busy intersection. The daddy duckie simply turned around shocked that the grate didn't do the job and is now about to see if traffic will do the trick.