Friday, January 19, 2007

Settling in

Boxes are going out... rooms are getting filled.  Hey, this is just like moving.

Everything is going moderately well here.  We now have somewhat steady internet at a surfable speed.  The kids and dog are adjusting, as are J and I.  I was looking around the other day and noticed how enormous these walls are and decided we'd have a day of art lessons for the kids.  We looked at different kinds, bought canvases, brushes, paints, and decided to let the kids go wild (with direction of course).

We had limited rules:
  2. No words on the paintings... let the picture talk all by itself
  3. Use more than just one color
  4. You can't just paint one member of the family, if you're painting the family, you've got to paint everyone so no one feels left out
  5. PERSEVERANCE... if you start it, you finish it.

With those boundaries in mind, here's what we got.

"Mommy and baby dinosaur" by Simon

"Smoothies" by Mia

"The family picture" by Chas

A note on this one, if you can see that red line across the bottom of the picture (not the painting), that's the loveseat... this painting is like 3'x4' huge.  The others are like 1.5'x2', no small measure considering the artists are not much larger than their canvases.

All are proudly on display at the Lewis Gallery and admission is free for family and friends.

On another note, here's just some random images from our moving/unpacking time:

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