Monday, January 29, 2007

Thanks Craig

So here we are with more square footage than we've had before and furniture which is trying its best to look good in this amazing house.  How do we fill it with nice stuff while still watching our budget?

My sister in law used to live up here and clued me in on this amazing store with excellent prices called, "Sideoftheroad Furniture" and I've been looking, but I've started using the Craig's List Free Stuff page and have made some pretty neat grabs.

First was this desk from Bombay Company (I grew up in a house of Bobmay Company and fondly remember Sundays spent with Lemon Pledge, a roll of paper towels, and  a Diet Coke) and have always liked their stuff.  The chair is not Bombay, but was also free and thrown in with the deal.

Next were these three IKEA shelves (two with doors and one w/o, just got today and anchored to the wall, which is the reason for the ladder in the background and the mess in the area) which were an amazing find to further the organization of our Homeschool...

I just wanted to thank those who were parting with these items through a remodeling job and thought someone else could use them instead of throwing them away.  You guys just saved me hundreds in nice looking, functional furniture.  Next time we remodel, I'll remember and do the same.

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