Monday, February 19, 2007

Pomp at a price

While driving US 1 north from I-95 exit circa 161, take a look out your left window and you will see some pretty large homes just outside of Fort Belvoir and south of Mount Vernon (oh yeah, happy birthday this week big guy... what is it? 275 this year? Anyone know what Washington would say if he were alive today? "Help, help, let me out of this box, it's dark in here!") But I'm digressing.

There are these rather large homes with 4BR, 3.5BA, CVS (central vacuum), HWF, FP, Jacuzzi tubs, etc... starting in the upper $600,000 range (lower $7's after it's all said and done). But that's not the "cost" to which I'm referring.

You have the wonderful view of your neighbor's hallway. I'm serious... not even a view of the neighbor's house, you're too close to see the whole thing, much less another window, but they place windows all over the front of these houses so they can open them up and see the behind of the house within arm's reach. Perhaps in one of the above shots you can see the gas meter in the middle of the two houses and almost enough room for the gas guy to squeeze in there to read it.

All these lovely rolling hills and green space and they are reduced to look out their window and see their neighbor picking his nose while watching Jerry Springer. (Come on... you know people in $700,000 homes watch Jerry too.)

To each his own, I guess.

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