Friday, March 23, 2007

Coming to America

"Hi everybody! I am get to come to your country this weekend and to tell your UN that I will keep enriching uranium for my bombs until Israel is no more my neighbor. I am so happy to be in New York where I can enjoy your freedoms for which I support your demise as the sinful scourge of the earth."

Ok, so I took a little liberty in paraphrasing there, but come on, you know it's not far from the truth. Anyway, he will be in the Big Apple this weekend to tell us all where we can stick his missiles... that Israel is the great satan... and how he loves the UN for not helping the US, England, and othersin ending the Islamic tidal wave of terror.

Just for a test sometime.. go to Google News  and type in any religion you know.  Buddhist, Mormon, Catholic, Christian, any religion except Islam.  What did you get?  Now cross reference them with eachother (still exempt islam or muslim)?  Everything going well?  You don't have to read the entire articles (you can if you like, but for this little sampling, we're concentrating on headlines and the first sentance.)

Now, take any of those religions and cross reference with islam, islamic, or muslim.

Notice a change in the demeanor of the articles?  Who's covering what aspects?  What is the bias or slant?

Give it a try, draw your own conclusions, let me know in comments.


Josee Meehan said...

I know you posted this quite some time ago, but here's my comment:
You'll notice the media coverage of conflicts in various African nations downplays who is behind the violence. The average American may not even realize that it's Islamic militias. Also, in Thailand, the recent coup d'etat was orchestrated by an Islamic group. But the media downplayed this fact. I guess it's not politically correct to tell the truth anymore. An omission of fact is still a lie.

Anonymous said...

Your other blog won't allow my comment, so I will leave one here in reference to it. Good job, Tim! Good job!! Very well put. I'll go out and get the movie post-haste. Aunt Beth

gin said...

hay big brother,

call our bb and get my e-mail. your family is so beautiful i have visited all of your blogs don't really understand this one much but it is cool. love ya