Sunday, March 04, 2007

Ok... so I'm past deadline.

I know Jax posted pics and the full story on her Blog, but I like to think people read mine as well so I'm at least going to post some on mine too.

No trip this weekend. Instead, the boys helped me lay a partial patio (Math-Multiplication-Area-Geometry) in the back to counter the muddy patch which kept it from being a useful place. They were really a huge help. They helped load the wagon, helped push it while I pulled, ran ahead to open the gate and keep the dog in, helped hand be pavers until they got the layout, and then helped lay a good portion of it. Of course they were rewarded with a wagon ride back around the house for the next load. Most of all, they had fun doing it and I don't even know if they are aware they learned anything. (shhhhh... don't tell them.)

Anyway, here's the pics:

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