Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I'm reading now...

I don't know... do people really post about what they're reading?  Oh well.. here goes:

Somebody's Gotta Say It by Neal Boortz (and yes, I'm going on the 28th to see if I can get it signed when he comes to DC)
  • Really good book.  I'm a chapter or two from the end and will probably finish it before most people read this (an easy statement for me to say after looking at the traffic on this site since "most people" don't come here.)  But if you listen to his program and read his show notes, the stuff he has to say in the book isn't anything new.  I guess when your time is consumed by writing a book, it is inevitable that you are going to talk about the same matters the next day on the air.  Regardless, it is a very good read.

The Truth About Hillary by Edward Klein
  • I just picked this one up and am only to the second chapter, but honestly, I'm not sure how far into it I'll wade.  I'm sure people have heard the reviews (like this one from where even the washed up Al Franken made the author look like... well he made the author look like Al Franken looks whenever HE normally opens his mouth.  But it's on CD and I have a drive in the mornings and how can you tell about a book without reading it yourself? (And, yes, I have watched {read:  suffered through} Michael Moore's and Al Gore's (as well as others) movies and have Al Jazeera linked from this page too.  I filter through BS from all sides equally looking for nuggets of logic and truth or at least a rationalle for their fatuous behavior... wait, if there were logic, reason, and rationalle behind it, would it still be inane?  I guess, if the logic (etc) were flawed or misguided, it would still be logic... but I digress)
Ok, so that's what I'm reading.  Two books meant to have taken up a line or two now blown up to an entire post which. if you're reading this sentance, you've now read in its entirety.  Aren't you blessed.

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