Thursday, June 07, 2007

Getting myself in trouble

I've been quiet for a while and it is in no part to my having nothing to say. I've had LOTS to say, but haven't. Prepare for a partial windfall of what I've been stewing about for the past week.

1: This is a special note to Republicans, Democrats, and fellow Libertarians alike.

Stop the crap. I had a serious conversation with J the other day about just upgrading to a larger sail and circumnavigating the globe for a while until we find a place that's not going down the toilet in which to live. We homeschool anyway (and the imperial government even wants its hands in that as well) and there's a lot to learn on a boat... physics, biology, electronics, math, astronomy, literature, history.

Republicans: People who oppose the war in Iraq are not unamerican (They may not be thinking it all the way through the same way as you or me, but they're not unamerican on that accord alone). People who oppose waving a magic wand at the illegal alien problem are not unamerican. There are places for religion... in homes, in churches, in the hearts and minds of those who practice. Stop trying to legislate morality beyond the BIG 10. The constitution was erected to protect the rights of the individual, not limit them with improper legislation preventing two loving consenting adults from calling themselves married... who the hell are you to tell me I'm married to my wife or not anyway. Marriage is a church or personal arrangement, not the government's business. Stop Eminent Domain Abuse. Stop spending like drunken sailors and get back to your stated principles. Pardon agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean, they were doing their job... the job YOU hired them for and sent them to do.

Democrats: Robin Hood is a fictional character. I've never heard of a poor person giving someone a job. The rich are so because they do the things which make them rich, the poor are so because they do the things that make them poor. Redistribute all you like, it will always be that way. You can't just solve a problem by waving a magic (often made of money) wand at it. You don't help a guy without a job by giving him an income without work. You teach him to not work. Just because kids pray in school doesn't mean you have to... their freedom of speech is just as important as yours. There are more amendments to the Constitution than the first... start your re-education by reading the second. Actually, re-read the whole darn thing, along with the Federalist Papers, and take copious notes. Stop Eminent Domain Abuse. Stop spending like drunken sailors and get back to your stated principles. And if you really want to relieve the burden at the pump, don't tax the corporations, they'll add the tax to the price of a gallon... How about starting by taking away the tax you place on us for purchasing gas. That'd be a good start.

Speaking of taxes you guys... how much tax did England expect us to pay before we revolted?

Libertarians: We have other platforms than pointing out the failure of the dumb "War on Drugs". They actually sell pretty well also. Stop making us look like a bunch of drug crazed hippies, people don't take us seriously when you do that. Oh, and that Isolationism platform... it didn't work in WWI or WWII. Sometimes we've got to go there before they get here... sometimes. Start reminding people how we can get back to a basic government at reduced cost while still providing the basic services a federal government should provide.

2: "The bill would tighten borders, institute a new system to prevent employers from hiring undocumented workers, and give many of the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants a pathway to legal status." Horsesqueeze. You want to give 12 Meg of illegals a path to legal status? Send'em home and let them do it the LEGAL way. If that takes too long or is too hard... FIX IT. The problem is not a lack of laws... its a lack of enforcement. You can't tell me it can't be done.

What happens when a 12 year old goes into a store to buy alcohol? Why? Now why can't we enforce the legal status of immigrants and kick out those who are breaking the law?

Just because people oppose illegal immigration does not mean we oppose immigration. And while I'm on the topic... what's with this point system?!? We should not deny, nor give preferential treatment to people when considering citizenship because they have a certain skill set. If they have something to contribute, give'em a work visa and a plane ticket over... they're in line just like anyone else for their citizenship though.

3:  Have I mentioned that I hate it when people I work with tell me they vote republican because they [republicans] give us [the military] raises?  Well, I hate it.  You vote for or against people for an elected office because of their stance on issues which affect the departments and constituents overwhich they would control and influence... not personal job security.  That's the same  "gimmie" attitude you complain about the democrats having (or haven't you noticed?)

Ok... I think I've successfully driven off the three people who ever read this blog.  I'll post again when my reader base replenishes.


Anonymous said...

I'm still reading...:-) I understand your frustration! Aunt Beth

Mary Ellen said...

Tim, I love your posts! Geez...the reason I don't post much on my blog is I'm afraid I will let the flood gates loose and say something that might offend someone. Please keep posting, I might even be encouraged to post on my own blog.

Josee Meehan said...

Ha ... you can't chase me away that easily. Libertarians do need to get off the drug issue. It makes us look nutty. But I've got to say, isolationism is looking real good right now. I'm so tired of the U.S. being the world's policeman while those being policed, er, helped, by us spit in our faces. My new favorite bumper sticker which I saw recently: Be nice to America, or we'll bring democracy to your country.