Sunday, June 17, 2007

"I'm Sailing! I'm Sailing!!"

Ok, so nothing that drastic, but we did finally get out on the water. Two weeks ago we actually had the "maiden voyage" (I call it the 'trials') but we had a little trouble getting out, bashed on some rocks due to a pretty heavy wake coming into the dock and we were taking in a "little" water at a point I thought would hold up. It did hold up, but I didn't know we would take in that much water.

We lived, the boat floated and we went back to the drawing board.  Well today was the "actual" maiden voyage and the boat performed beautifully.  We pitched, we reached, we ran, we sailed and we looked great doing it.  I would even go so far as to say we looked like we knew what the heck we were doing out there.

We began in VA, sailed up to the joint of VA-DC-MD and over to MD near where I work and back... well, almost all the way back.  That "fix" I did to the leak snapped and we almost lost our keel and any of you who have sailed know... no keel... no sailing.

So I got some rowing practice.  A LOT of rowing practice.  I've got blisters on blisters.

The kids and J were great throughout the entire time... sailing or no.  The kids absolutely LOVED while we were underway and zipping along on a good reach.  They hung over the edge and ran their hands in the water (notice the improvised anti-man-overboard strap on Mia below).

Anyway, you are all invited for a trip next time you're around.  I'm sure I'll have that piece fixed and there'll be no more bumps.  And if there are, I'm a pretty good rower.

This is why they call it a BOOM

I'm beat. Enjoy a couple more pics from our previous launch... I'm off to bed.


Anonymous said...

sweet restoration! f-ing tight, man!

Josee said...

So is this going to become your new commute? Congrats, it looks like a blast!