Friday, August 31, 2007


Don't ask me... it's what was on the flag flying outside a local elementary school here. When did they stop flying the American flag and replace it with an upside down "Welcome"? Probably about the same time the US did on our borders...

There's another school here with an absolutely HUGE GINORMOUS banner out front which proclaims that they, indeed, made AYP!!! HORRAY!!!! (ahem... what the heck is AYP?) Why you silly little boy, AYP stands for Adequate Yearly Progress. You see, around here we celebrate adequacy.

But I digress. I'll post more on this in my other blog.

This isn't what I really wanted to post about here anyway. This is my hundredth post and I shouldn't burden you with political ramblings. This should be a party!

It's taken me almost two years to do it, but here we are. Me and...



(cricket... cricket.... cricket...)



Whoever else reads this blog.

So here's the thing. I don't really know how to say this... other than to say that I've said it already and I've done nothing about it since.

I'm sorry I don't call. I'm sorry that, apart from this one sided blog-versation, I don't keep in touch with my own family. My dad, my mom, my brother, sister, aunts and uncles. I love you all. I just don't call. I probably should. I hate the phone. I just don't know what to say on it. I hardly send e-mails because I don't see the person on the other end. I'm a face to face conversationalist which doesn't bode well for anyone involved in the family realm since we live so far away.

I should call. I should just pick up the phone and do it. I don't have everyone's number... write me. I've got an e-mail link up there on top of the blog.


Maybe I'll get this conversation thing beat and be able to hold coherent dialogue over the telephone. But the phone is only the beginning of my problems.

I don't think I'm very good at being a friend. I think it's for the same reasons... I imagine it's a separation thing. I alleviate my feelings of displacement by immersing myself in my immediate surroundings and activities. I do this to the point where I almost forget whatever it was that I was missing altogether. I do this with friends, I do this with family, I do this with problems.

I should probably do something about it.

Happy 100th post everyone.

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Josee said...

Uh, they misspelled "horray." Acceptable variants of the interjection indicating excitement are as follows: hurray, hurrah or hooray. Adequate progress, indeed.