Saturday, August 25, 2007

Pieces of Flair

I was unaware of this until I arrived here and started looking at many of the cars floating around the greater DC area.

Apparently you need at least 15 pieces of flair on your car in order to go to heaven in the event of an accident. Here's an example from a recent trip:
This guy had no less than 10 stickers on his rear, 5 on his driver side, and who knows how many on his front and passenger. (He's a shoo-in.)

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to talk bad about a guy because he's got passion... moreover that he's completely head over heels for the Big Guy... I can dig that.

Does God care how many stickers I've got on my car? Does my DOD sticker count? What about my old NC inspection? It's out of date... does He mind? I've got a new one for VA, but I think they should count as two if they count at all.

So... as you can see, there's not too much going on here. I just thought I'd share something over nothing.

And another thing... how do you have a "back to school special" running on apartment rentals and carpet cleaning?!? Anything to sell everything.

Well, school year is rapidly approaching. We'd better go out and get an apartment. Can't be homeless, how'd the kids do their homework? May as well get those carpets cleaned too.

I just can't explain some things.

Ooh, and here's that "Under New Management" I blogged about earlier:

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