Saturday, November 10, 2007

Hi, remember me?

Ok.. so itś been a little while since I´ve posted. So sue me.

Here´s what you´ve missed if you´ve not been here:

Good times. We had Chas as Darth Vader (later he lost his mask and traded his light saber for Simon´s sword and became a ¨dark hunter¨)
Mia dressed as a Princess, later setting down her wand so she could better hold her bag.

Simon... and then there´s Simon. Simon went as a knight. Simon STARTED as a knight, but later traded swords with Chas, picked up the darth Vader mask, the wand from our princess, the microphone from the ¨pop star¨ with whom we were walking, and became ¨The princess of pop, Sir Vader. Conqueror of the confused.¨

Oh Simon.

Apart from that, we did the pumpkin thing. I only bring it up because this year I decided to ¨geek out¨ Mia´s pumpkin with a solar panel, a piezoelectric switch, a little circuit board, a couple of rechargeable batteries, and two LEDs to make a solar powered pumpkin which will turn itself on at night.
The gutsPrincess Castle Illuminated

Last weekend we went into the city where the National Gallery of Art had a family day at the Edward Hopper exhibit. For those of you who don´t know him... he painted this:

Later we got a chance to try our own hands at recreating his art in both fingerpaint:
Chas´ fingerpaint----J´s attempt
From Mia----And from Simon

And in oil pastel:
Chas----And from me

I´m not really sure, but I liked this one for some reason:
Something about the oxen rears I think.

Ok... I´ve now sufficiently bored you to death, so I´ll sign off... but at least I posted.

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