Friday, March 28, 2008

Ok, now he's just messing with me

I think I've discovered a way to have connectivity until Monday when... this time for maybe... we'll be offline for a bit.

I'm not sure what that'll mean in the way of meaningful blogs, but at least we can check our mail and whatnot. Even after that, there's always the library system. Hey, if the government is going to pay for it anyway, why not use it.

That just spawned another idea... sorry, Mom...


I think we can all agree it's not going to go anywhere any time soon. I just heard/read (I can't remember which) that 1/3 New York City residents is on Medicare. ONE IN THREE!!!

The recent stat Google provided was a 2006 census estimate of 19,306,183 people living in NYC... let's see... some quick math here... 6,435,394-ish people on the ham. Wow. We can't get rid of it now, can we? We've got about 6.5 million people in one city alone who need this benefit.


I wonder how many of these recipients have big screen TV's. How many have cell phone plans with all the whizz-bang options of nav and web? How many afford cars? Do you know how much it costs to park a car in NYC? Even for a day? How many are even Americans?

6.5 million in NYC alone. I'm amazed.

Where was I going with this?... I have no idea.... I've lost my train...

Ok... the movers are arriving. I'll just end here then.

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