Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For those looking for updates

Jackie has been keeping her blog up via cell texting, so if you want up to the minute travel information, you might want to check that out there.

Right now, we are in the Bob Hope USO in LA. I've gone to a couple of USOs through my time in the military, the staff at all of them has been beyond measure. This one is no different in that regard. When we showed up (with no prior warning) they took us in with open arms (after midnight), got the kids some PB&Js, set us up with a room with privacy for sleeping and put in a wake-up call for us in the morning with time to catch our plane. Free food, drinks, snacks, books, movies, hospitality...

After being pampered the past few weeks by family, we set out today thinking it was time again to make it on our own... its nice to be pampered along the way as well.

We'll get some pictures up as we can. I don't know their philosophy on hooking up externals to their computers.

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