Saturday, April 19, 2008


As many of you know, we're homeless. We're working on fixing that situation, but facts being facts... we've got no home.

I contacted a housing agency here on Okinawa and told them of a property in which I was interested. I asked a few questions about it, and told them more of what we seek in a home so they can assist in helping us find it here.

At least they replied...



So we took this and plugged it into our trusty translator and got this:
"This time you to inquire from inquiry form, thank you indeed. Chasing, we would like to communicate from the person in charge. In addition, the one which does not have per heart in this mail is the number of hands, but communication to ahead the below-mentioned communicating. Corporation central housing"
I think I'll call them and see if they speak English better than they type... or at least better than our translator.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the good laugh...easy for me to laugh,uh? Our prayers helped get you guys there safely, and we continue to pray fervently that everything works out well for you. I am enjoying your adventures and appreciate your keeping us updated. Will email you when things there seem...normal?!-usual?! to settle down :-) Aunt Beth

Josee said...

A friend who spent time in Tokyo assures me that in a few months, you'll totally get the translation. ;->

maryellenlewis said...

That is hilarious! LOL