Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Forget Sudoku

My new daily (almost) mind drill is trying to read the little posts from my little girl's blog.

(We've got a new rule about computer time in that you've got to post to your blog before you can play computer games.)

Here's some recent examples:
ican red a tomis booc and rldhat noohat and the foot bc icanredlochovbooxfr a mia
"I can read a Thomas [the tank engine] book and Old Hat New Hat and The Foot Book. I can read lots of books. From, Mia"
i did u bacgrand it iz pride
"I did [drew] a background [picture]. It is pretty."
ter dade i mis yoo
"Dear Daddy, I miss you. {sniff}" (I was in Hawaii on business at the time)

I love her little puzzles. I love to see what she's thinking and what she thinks is something she'd like to share with the world.

If you're family and don't have the address, let me know and I'll make sure you get it.

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