Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another weekend gone

I only had 156 weekends once I got here... they're quickly going by. This one I used to accomplish some tasks I had let slip by the past few weekends. Yesterday I tightened the clothesline, fixed the lock on the bedroom door, we did the grocery shopping, I fixed the windchimes and hung them, officially declared our old keyboard deceased, helped C with the yard, ..., I think that's about it. Today was gardening and replacing the broken keyboard.

We went by the MakeMan (our local Lowes-ish store) and picked up two orange trees, six broccolis (that looks weird pluralized), three green pepper plants, three cucumber plants, two tomato plants, three zinnias, two purple something plants... we rearranged the front yard and blocked off a portion... there's more to be done (ie removing the grass from around the plants and adding more plants to round it out) but I think we got off to a good start. We're going to add some water thingie to it for ambiance, maybe some ground lighting,

Oh the exciting things we do out here. In other updates, I'm starting my CPR instructor course with the Red Cross this week. I was assigned to get the guys in my shop CPR qualified, so I figured instead of trying to schedule it through the medical group, arrange a place for training, time for training, blah blah blah... Why don't I just get the instructor certification and then I can qualify the guys at our convenience without all the hassle.

Problem solved.

Oops. Jax is reading this blog over my shoulder and noticed I finished most everything on my honey-do list so she's writing me out another one... great. It's like when you mop the floor and someone walks right in.... I just CLEARED that list!

New keyboard... We went to the Yamada (think Circuit City) and got a replacement for our dead keyboard... no worries, right? Yeah, right.
Now we've just got to re-learn how to use this thing.

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