Monday, September 08, 2008

MSNBC Reads my blog?

Ok... well maybe not. But right after I posted about Andrea Mitchell, MSNBC canned Olbermann and Matthews from their anchor positions.

These people giving you the news on TV are not news people. Olbermann used to be a sportscaster for Pete's sake. Ole Andersen Cooper used to host the TV 'reality' game show "The Mole". These are just tolerable faces with opinion, flavor, and a face that doesn't break the camera. Heck, MSNBC was in talks with Rosie O'Donnell for a prime time show not too long ago. They want ratings, not unbiased news reporting. Unbiased reporting doesn't draw the crowds. You've got to have heat, debate, controversy, a pretty face, a fiery commentator. Heck, if it wasn't a safety hazard, I have no doubt they'd actually light an anchor on fire if it would draw ratings.

I had someone ask me why they're allowed to be so biased during news reporting. Why isn't something done about it?

Who is going to do it? Not the government... or so I hope. The government has no place further infringing on free speech than it has already. The press used to have this thing called ethics. I wonder where it crawled?

And if that's not bad enough, now we're faced with the very likely return of the Fairness Doctrine. While it is unclear what Barry Obama's stance is on it today... you can find about as many sites one way as the other, this came across in my search...
[...position taken by Obama, however, is his view - articulated on - that "I hope Congress gets to work right away on reestablishing the Fairness Doctrine with the FCC. There needs to be balance on the airwaves again on radio as well as TV and cable."]
Now, I did a Goog for the passage in and I can't seem to get the actual draftobama page to load. I guess after he's drafted, you can shut down the site. What the Googs have to offer, however, are remnants of the site confirming the former presence of those words on that site, but does not attribute them to him in the Goog abbreviation...

How important is the Fairness Doctrine? | Draft Obama
I hope Congress gets to work right away on reestablishing the fairness doctrine with the FCC. There needs to be balance on the airwaves again on radio as ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages - Note this
ho hum... I think the only way to tell where he lies on the issues would be to elect him and see which way he falls at crunch time. ["NAFTA? Oh, well, we'll be outta that for sure" "Excuse me, Barry, if we pull from NAFTA, Canada can sell us their oil for market value instead of the same price they pay." "Oh CRAP... well call them and apologize." That guy yelling talks of Obama wanting to amend the agreement... um... that's not done unilaterally. They're gonna want something in return.]

I'm rambling.

Media is biased. Fox, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, Harry, Jimmy, Trent, whereever you are out there... [Scent of a Woman] They're all poop. The whole lot of them.

My advice... learn for yourselves. Stop letting the masses tell you what to think. Research for yourselves. Don't become a sheep, a lemming, marching off to the polls and voting for someone who has your favorite letter after their name. KNOW what you're talking about and know the counterpoints. Analyze the counterpoint and take it for a spin and try to argue in favor of it even if only in your head to see if it makes sense. Research both sides and analyze your findings. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. If you don't... please don't vote.

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