Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ya know... I really like VA

When I moved to VA last year I promptly changed my residency as per any and all documents relating to my person.  For those North Carolinians who frown on this move, thank Mike Easley.  Golly I prefer to watch that state from the outside looking in.

I'm also glad I'm not from MD.  Some of the worst drivers on the planet are from MD.  I've met very few friendly MD-ers, and Martin O'Malley thinks he knows how to spend people's money better than they do themselves and takes every dime to prove the point.

More to my point.  I just got off of the phone with not one, but two different government agencies.  Two of the most dreaded government agencies as far as customer service goes.  The tax office... and the DMV.

I got a tax bill (a whopping $16) for my boat trailer.  Cool.  $16 isn't that much when you consider it is producing wear and tear on the roads.  Only one problem though.  I sold my boat last year and now live in Japan.

It wasn't a matter so much of the money (did I just say that about taxes?!?).  I just wouldn't be able to get it to them in time before it was due and I didn't want to be charged a non-refutable late fee.  Better to handle these problems when (if not before) they become problems.

No waiting... Friendly service... additional, non-solicited information on how I can change my address to my PSC Box and still maintain my VA driver's and residency where it normally has to be given up once you leave the state (er... Commonwealth).

Thank you for your help, ladies.  I was not expecting it and certainly not with a smiling voice.

On a side note, I should probably also thank Chris at Sprint.  He (I'm trusting) has cut the last tentacles which persisted in annoying me long after I terminated my service with that company.  Chris, you were a big help too, man.

Chris must be from VA.

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