Saturday, September 06, 2008

Yay.. a non-political post!

Can I just say how much of a smile it brings to my face when I go to a store here and they sell eggs in nice neat metric sets of 10?

Struck a deal with C today. We went together and bought a motor-less lawnmower... one of those rotary deals. (No, mom. I got it because it's smaller and easier to store, and it's quieter so C isn't scared by it. I'm not concerned over my "carbon footprint". Did I also mention this house gets half its energy from solar panels?")

Anyway, we got this thing and C is agreed to pay me back half of the $120 invested into it ($60 for those wanting to keep track.) We established that I can pay him $10 for each lawn mowing. I said he can mow 6 times for free, or collect $5 each time for 12 mowings and $10 each mowing afterward. He's excited. He's already spent the cash in his mind, I'm sure. Taking the trash out is still free, as is cleaning his room.

M and S have begun their violin lessons. They seem to enjoy it (though they've only been to one lesson) but I'm really excited that they're into it as much as they are.

All the news I'm willing to post tonight. I'll get some more up soon enough.

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