Monday, October 13, 2008


Today's "Conflict resolution not found in a book" comes to us from Dinotopia. Yes, Dinotopia, the low-budget sci-fi series in which humans and Dinosaurs co-exist in a Utopian society. Available in video stores.
So the kids have been talking about this "Dino class" for a while now. C and S were going to alternate the teaching and the kids were going to learn all about different types of dinosaurs and how to ride them and how to conduct battle from on top of them... It's a pretty indepth class from what I hear.

Today was the beginning of the classes and no sooner had they started when I heard more "THAT'S NOT FAIR"s than at an Obama platform brainstorming session. C came storming down the stairs and I couldn't wait to hear the strife.

Apparently, M thought it was okay to bring her own pterodon to class and didn't want to use the pterodon supplied by the school. He explained to her that there aren't any schools that let you bring your pets and that this school was no different.

J brought up Mary and her little lamb, but C reminded her quickly that in the second verse, the story takes a poor turn for little Mary and her lamb.

I tried to chime in that in Dog Obedience classes, if you don't bring your pet, then you might get sent home, and that there are even workplaces that let you bring in your pet to sit with you while you work.

No go.

We were informed that this particular portion of the training involved the student boarding a mechanical pterodon to learn the basics before getting on the real thing. Safety... I like it.

You know, I don't think enough parenting books cover this very important topic of "imaginary dinosaur school rule conflict" thoroughly enough to be worth their snuff.

I pitched a couple of ideas at the guy, sent him on his way, and haven't heard any more crying. I guess they figured it out.

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The WilsonFam said...

Funny, I love it real life parenting. You never know what they will throw at you next.