Friday, October 17, 2008

Thought of some more

Gomenasai - The translation of this is "I'm sorry". When someone is in a vehicle accident, even if it is not their fault, the driver will visit the family and the injured driver and offer penance of sorts (often money or a gift). If the person delivering the condolences is the guilty party, this act of grace will save him from a harsh punishment from the judge in court. I just like how caring for the well-being of others is interwoven into their society.

Fit - Okinawans exercise. Any time you drive down the road here, you are bound to pass someone walking, jogging, biking... old ladies with umbrellas, kids, baseball teams, men, women... I went to a park early one morning to check out a geocache and there was a group of older ladies up on the hill doing a form of tai-chi and at the end they crouched down, jumped up with their arms and legs spread and crowed to the morning sun followed by laughter. I wish J could have seen it.

Customer Service - (Just a bit different from the "service" I mentioned earlier.) J was buying vegetables, the clerk said, "this watermelon is $14, is that ok?". I went to the local store to buy trash bags (This is not something to take lightly. If you get the wrong coded bags, they don't pick up your trash. Luckily, I know where I live and can buy trash bags like a pro.) and the clerk immediately wanted to make sure of where I live so I would not be stranded with bags of un-pick-up-able garbage.

Is everything sunshine and oranges here? No. It gets hot... darn hot. So hot that even in your home after taking a cold shower you sweat when you step out of it. If ever you thought Alabama or North Carolina had hot and humid weather... you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Oh... and I like AC

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