Monday, October 27, 2008

What is wrong with people?

So there's THIS article from the Boston Globe.
"I would love for my kids to have the best Halloween costumes out there," said Geneva Battle, a student studying for a medical-assistant certificate. "But it's hard on a fixed income."
Well at least she's got priorities.

There are posts on blogs, craigs, freecycle out here from people who say they "NEED" a costume.

What on earth have we come to? Why is this fake holiday consuming so many consumerists? Why do we get sucked into this garbage? Kids, beg your parents for expensive costumes and guilt them into proving their love for you with a price tag... walk around the neighborhood and ask for handouts.

"Oh, Tim... it's all in good fun."

I've heard that line too many years now. It is not "good fun". It is a fake holiday, people. What on earth are we supposed to be celebrating here? Community hand-outs? Begging from strangers? Power Rangers?

I'm not saying this day is bad because of the pagan roots... heck, do you think there would be trees in homes of Christians every year if it were not for pagan traditions?

Ban the commercial. Save yourselves. Cook some chili. Have some friends over. Celebrate your own Thanksgiving on a day when people won't expect it.

Golly I hate Halloween.

Almost as much as Valentine's Day.


Mary Ellen said...

I couldn't have said it better myself.

nana judith said...

Ditto and double....just another reason for grandparents to treat the grandkids...