Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Heroic Monkey Man and the Mixed Mammal People

So S is working on a book. I have no doubts it will be a best seller. The premise is both catchy and hilarious, and the title, Heroic Monkey Man and the Mixed Mammal People, has got to be one of the best book titles I've seen in my life.

Anyway, M decided she wants to write a book as well. She was having troubles with the spelling and C decided, as the older brother, it was his job to help out. He helped a little while and then offered to type what she wanted in the book. She agreed and off they went. C didn't stop there though, he also slowed her down and showed her things he was doing like putting in commas, spacing, noticing incorrectly spelled words, verb conjugation...

The story reminded me of this picture:

The Reading Lesson
- Paul Seignac
It is so great when you see it working.

In other news, M asked tonight if she will be 5 by September of next year. Why? Because she wants to go to Kindergarden.

--insert ominous music here--

What on earth would kindergarden teach this innocent little girl that she isn't already learning? C, again without prompt, took this head on and told her she already knows what they would teach her and that she has to eat breakfast very early before you get to school and you don't get to eat again until they tell you to go to lunch.

I guess a reason is a reason.

Oh and Heroic Monkey Man? Rest assured we're having it published upon completion. This thing has got to get out there. Yeah, I guess that'll mean our little 6 year old will be a published author.

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Josee said...

verb conjugation and commas, sniff, sniff ... i'm just so proud!!