Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think I've already named a post ketchup... I forget sometimes.

J's parents came out for Christmas and New Years.  He [J's dad] has got a Nikon D-40.  I've got one also, and also have a Canon D-60, a Canon Elph, and a Kodak.  The kids J and I all have camera phones.  Needless to say (and despite the lack of photos on my blog recently) we took quite a few pictures between us.

P (J's dad) took the keepers and compiled this little video which I hope you'll enjoy as much as we did, though I hardly see how that is possible.

Kids, holidays, sights of Okinawa, I think the dog is in there, I know my first venture into cooking which involved igniting the pan into a fireball on purpose is in there... there's even a shot of Nana J on a skateboard ramp.  Wow... that wasn't a sentence at all.

Oh... there's a new link on the right of the blog to a new webcomic I stumbled upon.  The topics include Math, Programming, Love, and random thoughts.  I often see myself (at least my inner monologue) in his comics.  Here's an example or two for a few readers in specific...

For My Brother

For My Mom

For My Sister-In-Law, fellow geocacher/math lovers, whomever else:
The site, by the way, is


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