Saturday, May 16, 2009

I took the easy way out

I put these pics in a meat grinder with an MP3 and it spat out this little video tribute to our newest family member, Snips. The kids named Snips after the Padawan of Anikan Skywalker in The Clone Wars.

Snips has had a rough first three-four weeks. He was found dead in the road and was nursed back by some friends before coming to our house. He's had intermittent problems in the brief time he's been here, but I think he'll make it.

So on to the video... In this corner, weighing in at 62.5 lbs, we have the returning Champion, Nigel. In the other corner we've got our challenger, weighing in at 250 grams (just over 1/2 pounds), Snips.

The "score" of this photo collection is called "You're a Dog and Don't Talk to Me" and is by Michael Hurley from the album Parsnip Snips. While the lyrics don't have much to do with the meeting of the two, the name and the album were too much to pass up in making the video. I also thought it would be fitting seeing as Nigel has not left his side since he got here.

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