Saturday, June 27, 2009


Reduce taxes for 95% of Americans.


But if we tax the everloving cow poop out of corporations who produce goods... all in the name of faulty science... then we can indirectly increase the tax burden on each and EVERY American and they'll LOVE ME FOR IT!!!

Where do you get your energy?

If it is from coal, would you be able to switch tomorrow?

What is that coal plant going to do about those cap and trade taxes?

Simply pay them without increasing their prices?

How would they avoid the increased cost of the tax?

Would they switch to renewable resources to supply you energy?

How do you propose they fund that?

Increase costs?

On top of the cap and trade increase?

For those who support this bill, please explain to me how forking even more money over to the government is going to make the earth cooler.

What if you use Nuclear...

Nuclear is considered a good thing according to the brainiacs in the Global Goodness crowd since it burns no fossil fuels and is essentially carbon neutral, right?

What is all that stuff you can see billowing out of the top of the reactor? Smoke? Nope... It's steam. (well, condensed water vapor, really. steam is invisible.) It gets pretty hot splitting atoms all day so water is used to cool the place down and it creates a big cloud for the heating/cooling which comes out of the top there.

Riddle me this, what is BY FAR the largest green house gas?

If you answered water vapor, you're right!

Water vapor comprises 95% of green house gasses.


Imagine a stadium filled with 10,000 people. Tell 4 of them to stand up.

There's your co2.

Imagine you had to find these four people randomly seated throughout the stadium and didn't have copies of their ticket stub.

Good luck.

We're calling CO2 the enemy. The gas which plants need, we're calling the enemy. The gas we exhale with every breath, we're calling the enemy.

In the 70's NASA scientists said the particles we emit from the burning of fossil fuels would blanket the sky and block the sun causing a global cooling.

Now those same scientists say the exact same thing will cause the exact opposite effect. Both [effects are] alarming, both deadly, both against evil fossil fuels and those who want to use them.

Go ahead and support the bill.

Plastics, gas, electricity, ... the prices will rise. The Washington money will flow. The alarmists will call for even more action. "We're all going to die!"

We'll all be happy when we're all impoverished.

or at least they seem to think so.

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