Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Car update... again

So I went on a hot date with the wife today after a grueling series of racquetball games this morning. After picking up J, we went to the local Lawsons where we picked up some onigiri, a sweet loaf, some apple juice, and a grapefruity soda thing (blech). Jax won a green tea from a little giveaway they were having and we were given a biodegradable card with a marigold seed paper-taped to it from a display where American's put the little "need a penny" tray.

We continued on to the Camp Kinser impound lot where after signing a number of documents I was given back my car (again without so much as an "We're sorry.") to find it had a dead battery. A jump start later and I was ready to roll.


The hood was damaged so I brought a ratcheting tie-down to secure it. Well, the kids were in the tie-downs so I went there with two ratchets and no tie-downs. fun. So, we drive slowly to the PX where I can pick up a bit of parachute cord and a knife so I can tie down my hood where upon I see (now in the clear of day without rain in my face) that I've got frame damage.

I tell ya, if this thing is totaled, I've already got my next car picked out.

The Daihatsu Midget.

I drove one of these years ago in a Gran Turismo game and (virtually) loved it.

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Just John said...

Is that a door latch on the side, or a carrying handle? Kidding.

I like the little bed on the back, but the "open" headlights look like magnets for car doors and other stuff in parking lots.