Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Charlie!

Well, Charlie's birthday was actually a little while back, but we're celebrating it today since last week was someone else's party. Chas did a lot of the work on his cake this year. He made 2 of the cakes and three batches of buttercream icing and helped with the design. Well, let's go to the action photos:

The first ones here are of me making the fondant. A bag and a half of mini marshmallows and a bag of confectioner's sugar. That quickly became a sticky mess. Let it sit out for a night or two then tossed in the coloring gel.

We assembled the cakes:

And voila!

And yeah, that's a little geocaching lego-dude in that last picture. So what if there's an intergalactic lego battle going on? He's got to find the cache!


Kelley & Brice said...

We're very impressed with the cakes--and would like a slice. Think you could overnight some to Georgia?

Sarah said...

I'm a little slow. I see, now, that Charlie did help make the cakes. I am in awe of the Lewis men's culinary prowess! May I have permission to show my students the geocaching lego dude & the cakes? They're designing geocaching lesson plans this week.