Sunday, October 04, 2009

Letterbox Caching

There are a couple of cache types we've not found yet. There's the "Earth Cache" which does not hold a physical box nor log to sign, but introduces the cacher to an earthly concept such as erosion, coral reefs, beach restoration, and other, mostly ecological or geographical sites. The main reason we haven't hit one of these is because, surprisingly, there are none yet here on Okinawa.

The other type of cache we've not "found" is the "Letterbox Cache" where there is a stamp located in the cache box along with a notebook. You take along your own notebook and stamp, then you stamp the cache's log and use their stamp to stamp yours. Well, we've not done one of these mostly because we never had a "Muggle Family" stamp. Until now. Here it is, my first ever attempt at stamp carving:

From this..........
..........To this

Maybe now we can get out there and do a letterbox or two.

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