Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oh by the way...

So there's this little typhoon thing off the coast.

It's not really doing anything but throwing rain at the island for the moment.

It's expected to curve north tonight and "shouldn't" hit us.  Earlier today it was a Category 5 Super-Typhoon, but now it's just a little Cat-4... what a waste of potential.  You should be ashamed of yourself, typhoon.  Ashamed.


Josee Meehan said...

I hope it clears up before you guys fly out next week!!

Hi, My name is: Tim said...

Oh, I'm sure it'll be gone. Today is just some sideways drizzle and a bit of wind. The surf is kicked up...

As far as Oki is concerned, this thing was all talk no action.

I'm wondering what it'll do to mainland today, but they're prepared and it should be a quick clean-up.

The preparations the Japanese make for these storms is nothing new. They build to withstand them and the community comes together for the aftermath quickly and efficiently.

Now, if only they could teach this to hurricane prone parts of the US so we're not building our houses out of straw when the big bad wolf comes blowing by.