Wednesday, November 04, 2009

How bad can your life possibly be?

How bad can your life possibly be if you are willing to stab yourself to avoid going to work?!? AT BLOCKBUSTER VIDEO?!?

"MAN, I can't handle these late fees!!!... wait, we don't charge those anymore..."

But wait... what is this Mr. Siebers has tucked there, tattooed under the collar of his orange jumpsuit?

A geocaching travel bug?!?

Aah.. he was looking to get the day off of work to go geocaching... okay, now I understand.


Jax and company said...

that explains the scratches on his face, he's been in the woods. dead give away.

Larzanth said...

If he was caching here in Oki, then I totally understand. Sometimes the jungle just pisses me off.