Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jedadiah is gone...

Jedadiah, the cat formerly known as Snips (Jedadiah name comes from the movie Night at the Museum where a small feisty figurine played by Owen Wilson has the line "I don't like to be MAN HANDLED!")...

Anyway, Jedadiah is gone. We found a home that can handle feral cats and "scratchers" in particular. He's gone to a good home and will no longer attack our children to the point of blood.

We went down to the kennel today to look for an alternate solution. Our ground rules before going in there is that we would not do the whole "instant emotional attachment" thing. We were going to be pragmatic about it. Our rules were vague, but HAD to be met before another cat could come in our home. The cat had to:
  1. Desire human contact (i.e. not try to instantly run and hide when held by a member of our family)
  2. Purr while we're there
  3. Be social
  4. Not draw blood.
We found one, the breed is called "blue chinchilla":
who is still hiding underneath our bed at the moment. She is named Cleo(patra) and met all the criteria. Now, let's see if she can keep up the rep.

After Jason (the-eat-everything-to-include-kids cat) and Snips (aka "The Shredder"), we're really looking forward to a cat in our family who will, at a minimum, not kill our children.

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