Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oh Yeah...

I promised you guys an update on the Miso Marinated Salmon... It was delicious! If any of you want to make it and have any trouble finding the ingredients, drop me a line... I can mail you what you need and it'll keep until it gets to you.

Here's my pic... not a lot to look at, but it went well with the cheesy-spinach and some rice.

Next up... Hungarian Goulash. Side note for those attempting to make this in Japan... The commissary is a HORRIBLE source for specific ingredients. They've got one type of potato. ONE TYPE OF POTATO! Parsnips? Forget about it. Not there. Gouda? Parmesian-Reggiano? Find yourself a good source out in town. Find a restaurant you like and ask where they buy... chances are it's local. The locals here actually DO local. It's great.

Okay.. have a nice day, everyone.

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