Tuesday, September 27, 2005

not much

This is going to be a short, obligatory post as it is about my bedtime and I have to wake at about 4 in the morning for my commute.

I went with wife to the military spouse support group tonight, we painted bags and they had cake there too.

Aah hell, I'll edit this post later to add more content and tell more about the group... I'm too damn tired to do it justice. Who the hell says, "...we painted bags and they had cake there too"? brain.... shutting.... down......................................rdqwfnck


Same post - redux -

Ok... here it is weeks later and I now have a moment to sit down and type about this past post. My wife has been going to this military spouse support group since I was in Iraq and since I got back, they invited me to go along and kind of answer any questions about Iraq that the people there might have. Not really much to say about it, I felt a bit out of place and uncomfortable about being a father and husband at home and loving his family right in front of people communally mourning the temporary absence of their loved ones.

weird and uncomfortable.

it went well though. If anyone was distraught, they hid it well and I was well received. I tried to keep the PDA's to a minimum, and they had snacks afterwards, so everything turned out well.

Ok... that's all I have o say about that.


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