Sunday, September 24, 2006

Welcome Home Nigel

So we finally got our bearded collie, Nigel from the bearded collie rescue. if you're wondering, yes, he has been shaved. His last owners did not take very good care of him and his coat got all mottled up... eventually he will grow his hair back out and look more like this...

He is great... great with the cat, great with the kids, great house manners. He is a little timid around strangers who walk straight up to him, but if they come up to me instead, he can act a little tougher. He is also learning whose job it is to walk whom. I make sure to leave through the door first, and stop/change direction of the walk enough to show him that he has no idea where we are going and should take the back seat. I think he's getting it. Don't worry... we'll post more (I say we... my better half's blog is found here {in the off off chance that someone who doesn't know me actually reads this stuff}).

Gotta go watch The Amazing Race with Jax... yeah, we had to record it since the kids were being put down for the evening. G'night everyone.


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