Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Welcome to the World According to Tim

So here I am... I can' t even keep up with one blog and now I go and start 
another.  Let me explain why.

I work in a job field where I HAVE to watch the news constantly.  I have 
to know what's going on in the international arena because it determines 
where I go and what I will be doing next.  Furthermore, I am then able to 
prep the family about why I'm going to be there.

This being the case, I'm apt to form my own opinion on a good number of things and I can't always hold my tongue about it.  Well, I can't really post these ideas on my regular blog, there are friends and family who do not really agree politically with me who only really keep up by my blog and I want them to keep up with that.

So, I have now created a blog for nothing but my geopolitical rantings where I can post without worry that I might talk a family member away from reading my regular blog because I keep putting my personal political outtakes into my postings.

And with no further introduction and much ado... here it is.  Enjoy or don't.

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