Friday, December 29, 2006

Good bye to an old friend

We got home today from quite a tiring trip. We started on Christmas after opening presents and went to Nana and PopPop's house where we had an extended family Christmas. The next day, J and I loaded up and flew to the DC area to scope out a new home for our fam as we are soon to relocate there. It was tiring, but successful. We now have an absolutely beautiful townhome in Alexandria, VA awaiting us when we arrive.

That's not why I'm blogging, so I will post the pics at the end.

When we returned home, we were met with an unfortunate suprise. Our cat Moses had passed away. In 1998 I went to cold weather training in Bridgeport, CA. The mail in the military is not always perfect and it is interesting when you get one or two out of order. After reading that J had been sleeping with someone named Moses, though I knew she would never cheat on me, a couple of questions popped up in my mind. You just can't help it, especially when you are in 12' of snow without a phone and a lot of time to sit and mull it over in your head. My worries were easily remedied when the next batch of mail came with a message intended to arrive first saying J had gone to the pound and adopted a cat whom she names Moses. Phew.

Anyway, Mosey has been with us through every move, back and forth and back and forth from Jacksonville to Raleigh to Jacksonville...........

He coped with the birth of three children and their screaming and tantrums, their biting and tail pulling. He even tollerated the arrival of our newest pet, Nigel, though he (Moses) was never really keen on K-9s. He remained a patient companion and a constant friend, not only to J and I, but also to our children who, as they grew, became more tolerable to an aging cat.

Mosey buddy, we'll miss ya big guy.

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