Sunday, December 24, 2006

A Tale Of Two (albeit gay) Penguins

There's been quite a bit of hubub going on over this little story of two penguins who see an abandoned egg and take care of it until it hatches. Of course you know the problem... they are both boy penguins. So what exactly is the controversy? We're INDOCTRINATING the children to accept an alternative lifestyle which we don't feel is appropriate.

I'm sorry guys, but that's a load of penguin bolongna!

First off... it's a true story. If you don't like how it turned out, talk to the big guy upstairs, he's the one running the show in that department. Unless you're going to tell me that these two male penguins just happened to watch too much Will and Grace and turned gay all of a sudden. Wait, I mean "chose" to be gay, because being gay HAS to be choice, right? I know I remember the day when I chose to be straight. You know, you reach a certain age and you are faced with a decision, things start moving and shaking down there and you have to decide if you are going to sexually prefer men or women... just like that whole left or right handed decision you made when you were a kid... "well... the desks are already made for right-handed people", you thought to yourself, or perhaps, everyone else is right-handed, I'm gonna pick left.

Inside joke time, sorry --- "Like we need your support" --- ok, inside joke is over. You may continue reading.

Secondly, why stop here? There must be HUNDREDS of books we can ban right along with this one. I mean as long as we're talking objectionable, let's go ahead and ban that horrible OTHELLO from our kid's libraries. I mean a MOOR (be he black, arab, both, or simply a gutter dwelling urban outdoorsman) cavorting with a pure white upper-crust woman?!? The nerve. What on earth was this Will Shakespere guy thinking? How DARE he try to make us accept cross-nationality relationships? And don't get me started with OEDIPUS. Now I know, a tale of two penguins (or perhaps three penguins in the end) is hardly up there with either of these two works, but in light of them, and the emphasis we place on them in SPITE of their "objectionable" material why should we care about a true story of love, partnership, caring, and nurturing? Because they are of the same sex?

I'm so sick and tired of people trying to say that same sex couples are the scourge of our society. I can name oodles more relationships carried on by us "heteros" which are not ideal for childrearing, nor for loving environments to use as examples for others. Where is the outrage over the dime-a-dozen marriages in Hollywood? Where are the shouts of SIN and the need to change ways when adult film stars get married and have children? Are these more acceptable homes for the upbringing of children than that of two loving peaceful people who happen to have the same sexual organs as one another? Or, (and I hesitate to even get started on this one. I will save the bulk of it for another time.) what of the total lack of fathers in modern advertising and children's books?!? Is a single parent household where mommy's trying to hold down two or more jobs while someone else is raising HER children while her sexual partner goes unnamed, unknown, or unloved.. is this more acceptable than a household with two loving people of the same sex?

Who cares if Heather has two Mommies? Where's the important line of questions concerning this household?
  • Do they love one another?
  • Do they love Heather?
  • Do they support Heather?
  • Are they raising Heather to be a responsible adult?
  • Is there peace in the home?

Who cares if Tango's gay penguin daddies are limp flippered?

  • Do they love Tango?
  • Will they teach him to fish?
  • Will they teach him to care for others?
  • Will they teach him to be a good father (or mother)?

People complain about the wrong things. Go ahead gay penguin daddies. Hatch those abandoned eggs. Where are the worthless hetero penguins who abandoned it to begin with? Are we supposed to think they're the role models we are supposed to emulate?

Now... you show me a bunch of gay penguins taking advantage of young alterboy penguins and I'll be right there ready to release the sealions. But until that day comes, leave the gay penguin daddies alone.

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