Sunday, January 07, 2007

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As I said, I have further comment on the Al Gore bit from my other blog.  Well, here goes.

Just so you know I'm not making it up (because you can believe everything you read on the internet):

Last month (13Dec2006), there was a solar flare which hurled radiation in our direction.  Astronauts were ordered into the central confines of the spacestation or the shuttle to avoid radiation poisoning.  I mean this was a rather big mamma-jamma.

Why was this ill-reported here on earth?
Well, luckily for you and me, this type of solar activity has no effect on us here on earth as we are protected by magic fairy dust sprinkled on the clouds (which nasty capitalists are destroying) and this wave of solar radiation will simply go around us.

This being so, how can we possibly blame anyone other than man (fossil fuel burning schmuck) for the increased warm weather here on Earth?

Is it warm out?  Yes.
Is it our fault?  I'd venture to guess no.  I kinda think that if our source for heat and light is getting hotter and is sending more heat our way, then we might just get a little warmer right along with it.

But then, I'm not a scientist.

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