Sunday, January 07, 2007

New dog... New tricks... Recipe for success

So if you are not supposed to give a dog a command which you are
not willing to enforce...

How are you supposed to deal with teaching your dog, "Go Pee."? 
It was cold this morning!  Only 15 degrees above freezing and I had to think about going back inside to get a shirt and shoes on.

Go home Al gore, I like my warm weather.  (More on this in my other Blog.)

So here goes nothing.  Today is the last day we can use anything in our house because tomorrow, the BOXERS arrive.  Pack on Mon, Load on Tues, Deliver sometime before the load naturally decomposes.  The ONE advantage of moving yourself is (unless there's a fire) you know exactly when your stuff is going to get to your house.

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maryellenlewis said...

Heh heh, unless there's a fire.

-- todd