Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nigel's progress

Nigel, the often not-reported-on child, is adjusting very well and is quickly becoming a big-city dog. He passed his doggie-daycare interview with flying colors and we got a bit of pictureless snow (more on our fault than the snow's that we don't have pictures) and he absolutely loved it. Of course he has a bit more hair on him now than he did when we first got him. If you remember (or have the desire to scroll down on the blog) when we got Nigel, he was completely shorn:

He has just a little more hair on him now:

and  when we brush him we usually wind up with something like this:

Anyway, he loved to wrestle around and just lie down in the snow to cool off. I'm pretty sure we'll have more coming this season and I'll try to get more video and pics out there.

Apart from that, Good morning!

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