Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Impromptu Learning

I knew it.  I sooooo looked forward to coming up here for the educational opportunities it would provide for the children.  Today, after running some errands, we detoured to the wharf

which is only the freshest place to get fish around here.  No really,  you have to lean over the water to get the fish from the guys on the boats.  Anyway, we weren't there to buy fish today, but rather to learn about all the different kinds of fish and shellfish they had to offer there.  The kids saw octopus, squid, crabs, lobster, oysters, clams, rockfish, snapper ("ooh... red snapper... very tasty."  Perhaps a few people will get that movie reference.).. well, essentially every kind of fish you'd expect to find there in all conditions; live, whole, cut, head on/off, cooked, in/out of the shell.  The guys behind the fish were great as well and were eager to show the kids first hand what the fish were like, how they live in the 'wild', which claws are for eating and which are for defense, everything.  One guy even gave the kids an octopus puppet show (Ok, that one was a little wierd, and in retrospect, I'm not even sure he worked there.)

Now for something completely different:
When we finally got home, we watched Jabber Jaw (no, learning time was over and we were taking a break... Jabber Jaw is not part of our curriculum) and I told the kids that it was a cartoon I used to watch when I was a kid and, furthermore, was made before I was old enough to watch cartoons.
Chas replies, "Then why is it in color?"

I guess I had that coming.

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Josee said...

Re: The Octopus puppet show ... The street people can be very entertaining up there.

Like the new blog design.