Saturday, January 27, 2007

Library of Congress, Here we come.

We went to the library today.  Well, maybe I should say we went to THE library today.  Weird thing is, we saw very few books.

Hmmmm.  Whodathunk?

The kids had a grand time anyway what with the train riding, the grand old buildings and whatnot.  They have these little things for kids to include a scavenger hunt which, surprisingly, includes architectural and artistic features, not literary ones and the boys absolutely raced in competition against one another to find the cherubs, zodiacs, Minerva mosaics, and corinthian columns.  Chas even asked if we could make mosaics tonight before bed with paper plates and pieces of colored papers.

The whole lot was on their better than best behavior and we heard not an ounce of whining.  The boys were absolutely grown-up at the metro station.  So Jax and I took a bunch of pictures and instead of piling them all on one post, I've put them together in a montage which you can just as easily not watch and if it comes up in conversation, just say, "Yeah I saw it.  The kids look so grown up." or "Boy, that looked like so much fun." and you're covered.  If you actually want to watch it, well, click below and at least enjoy "Take the A Train" by Charles Mingus.

or just click HERE to see it straight from youtube.
Ok, I'm tired and the grammar in this post probably makes it borderline unreadable. I'll fix it tomorrow.

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Maggie's Attic said...

WOW what a great slide show. It looks like you guys had so much fun at the LOC! Guess what, the first time I walked in that building, I cried! I could not help it -- it is so beautiful. Hope to talk with you soon on Skype so you can tell me all about it. Love, Nana M