Saturday, January 27, 2007

Long overdue response to a challenge

It's been forever since this challenge was posted, but I'm bored so here goes:
Let me start by saying that these "meals" were challenged to me. Their dietary/culinary value is reflected directly in the recommended movies of each.

-Ramen Noodles with Tuna, Bud Light
  • Cheap and easy with little to no redeeming value? Major League.   Any of the three should do.
- Cottage Cheese and Canned Peaches, Pomegranate Juice, Saltine Crackers
  • Who eats cottage cheese? That stuff's gross. Try Little Monsters or anything with John Candy (I'd say Delerious or Nothing But Trouble). They have about as much taste.
- Two Vanilla Crunch Power Bars, two slices of American Cheese, one can of diet coke, cinnamon graham teething biscuits
  • Let's see...Inexpensive, resourceful, nutritious, sweet flavor, but definately american/comercial. I'd say HERO with Dustin Hoffman and Gena Davis
- Five Guinnesses, pretzels, microwave pizza, protein bar, veggies & beef baby stew.
  • NOW we're getting somewhere. Snatch. Definitely Snatch.
- E.T. (Reese's Pieces?)
  • I only ever remember eating those huge crappy pizzas at youth group whenever I watch this movie so I'm biased.
- Dude, Where's My Car (Sweet!)
  • 1 dozen white castles and a liter of cola
- When Harry Met Sally (I'll have what she's having)
  • Tough one... I'd have to go with Salmon, Asparagus, Long Grain Rice, Pinot Grigio
- Malibu's Most Wanted (white meat masquerading as dark meat)
  • Now its time for your saltines.  Probably some Sprite as well.  Nothing that will harm you coming back up during the movie.
- Fight Club (meat tenderizer)
  • Ribeye, Red potatoes, Cabernet or just a huge glass of milk.
- The Maltese Falcon (mystery bird dish?)
  • I've got a good spinach and pork stuffed lamb recipe I can send you which should be about as classy as this movie and a really good match.
- Rope (Dinner Party)
  • I like the French movie "Le Dîner de cons".  I know it is completely not the movie you listed, just a side note and a great movie.  But to go with your "Trouble with Harry" style movie, go with KaBob, and beer.  The KaBob should get that stabbing need out of the way while you enjoy a meal to match Hitchcock's style.  The beer is up to you.
 - Reservoir Dogs (diner food)
  • Cliché (this dicipline's version of Confucius) would say something with hotdogs (Pigs in a blanket?), but I'd like to go with a Spinach salad, italian dressing with crumbled grilled chicken breast on top.  Actually, I wouldn't completely rule out a good sausage dog done up with kraut and spicy mustard and a Coke if you think the first choice is a bit too girly for this movie.
Okay, maybe these aren't the PERFECT meals to go with the movies... but they're darn close and I'm pretty sure I nailed the movies that go with the meals.


maryellenlewis said...

Well met, sir, but I'm not done with you yet:

- Oreo cookies, milk, cold medicine

- four macrobiotic vanilla yogurts and a Diet 7up

- 9 pounds of honey baked ham, two cans of diet doctor thunder (wal-mart generic diet doctor pepper, in case it wasn't obvious), and 2 uneaten bananas

- 7 full cups of sour milk strewn through the house and 15 cwackahs (said with mouth full of crackers)

- pureed peas made into one dozen frozen pea cookies, one polyester fleece sleeve, and 250ml of breast milk

I would challenge you with some more movies, but I haven't seen any movies since our last challenge. Other than the new Bond, which was fantastic and needs no meal, but feel free if you like.

Word up, yo!

Hi, My name is: Tim said...

A good child's movie would go with any of these. I recommend a "G" rating and a preview by the parents (G-s now have objectionable content in'em as we accept more and more in our society.)