Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cat and Mouse 2007

Ok, we have a new cat (for those who didn't know... and no, he's not completely dissimilar from our last, but not as a measure to replace.) The naming is going a bit rough... normally it's just whatever we think of at the moment... it doesn't matter anyway since he doesn't come when we call him... but it varies. He first came with the name Jason from the adoption agency. Jax and I both get visions of a red-headed freckeled faced roughian in a hoodie sweatshirt on the playground about to whack someone with a hockeystick when we think of him with that name, but the kids will call him "Space Jase" or run around repeating "Stop chasin' Jason"... I've come to call him whatever begins with "cat-" that I can think of: Kathmandu, Catalina, Catatonic, Cataclysm, Cataract, Catamaran. I actually even convinced Jax to allow me to place naming rights on eBay complete with certificate of naming for the winner of the auction (rules of course). We simply haven't decided. If you've got an idea, post a reply.

Anyway, "-Mandu" (his most recent nickname) has been a bit shy since Saturday and tonight is the first time I've seen him down in the office under his own steam. Progress is made. Well, he wound up on the desk and... well, just see the short video.

He's taken up chasing "mice".



Jax and company said...

I most certainly did not agree to that ridiculous naming rights idea scheme! And that's the second time you have said that I did. I know what's going on here! It may have worked before, but I am on to you now!

Hi, My name is: Tim said...

Yes you did... it was the same day you said you'd marry me... the same day you said I could get a mini... the same day you said I should make that salad dressing... the same day you said we could name our next child "Maynard"...

Come on, you remember don't you?