Sunday, February 04, 2007

The tomorrow that never came

We were attacked by a trojan. Well, the computer was. Well, not like a trojan from troy, but the computer kind of trojan thingie. Don't ever open a file called postcard.gif.exe

The ".exe" part will do really REALLY bad things to your computer.

Ok, so where was I?  The file of Chas reading?  That'll have to be re-found in the archives as I painfully resurrect portions of our old files and safely upload them into our new system.  Meanwhile, we've added an equally enjoyable and much more blackmail worthy video for your viewing enjoyment.

In addition to this, we finally treated the kids to a trip to the Air and Space Museum.  As forecasted, they had an absolute BLAST! (Next week is the Bureau of Engraving so they can see money being made.)  The following video is from our trip to the A&S.  Bear with it.  It is by far the hokiest (sorry VT fans) video I've made yet.  Ok, I added film grain and everything, but it was done for a reason.  These are the same exhibits they had when I was a kid and it is quite possibly the same stuff since Apollo. (Well, the hubble, space station, and space shuttle might be new since then.)  But knowing this stuff never changes, I thought an older film texture was fitting.  Pre-apologies aside, here ya go.

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