Monday, February 05, 2007

Tim on Thrift

I suppose I could at least explain THIS part of that abandoned post.
See two posts down for reference.

I was sifting through junkmail when I came across this "marvelous" invention.  Of course they wanted me to buy it from them for $60 plus shipping, but then as I read further, I found they included the plans to build one yourself.  

How nice.

If anyone would like to make one as well, here's the low-down
  1. take a rubbermaid bucket (I'd use one big enough for a tiny garden, but small enough to move if you need... also if you want to add casters at this point, I'd just place the unit on a wooden pallet dolly they make for plants and things)
  2. put gravel in the bottom making sure it's pretty level and only about 1.5-2" deep (not sand, but rocks)
  3. drill small holes just above the gravel line in case you water too much (of course this will need to be taken into account when you actually water the thing if you have it indoors.  Use a tray.)
  4. put down a screen to keep the potting mix from clogging up the gravel
  5. get a piece of PVC tubing long enough to go to the bottom of the rubbermaid, and tall enough for it to be comfortable for you to put water in the top (you don't even have to bend over to water under the plants)
  6. place the piece of PVC tube through the screen to the bottom of the bucket (move the gravel to around the PVC and the screen will bend to go around.)
  7. add moist potting mix (w/o fertilizer... potting mix, not potting soil.  Potting soil will drench and deprive the roots of the air they need while the mix will remain loose and airy.) and fertilizer spikes/strips
  8. place landscaping cloth on top (you can even use a black trashbag.  Of course you'd cut holes big enough for the plants to come through)
You know what... they do a much better job of telling you how to do it yourself HERE.  Give it a shot and see if you can't do it for less than $60 plus shipping. Good luck and happy gardening.
I'll let you know how my plants turn out.

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